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Supplemental Support

At-Risk Learners: Accelerate Learning to Close the Achievement Gap


  • 3 screening assessments: Check student's achievement and growth.

  • 3 standard diagnostic assessments: Check student's skill areas.

  • Progress monitoring assessment: Use frequent monitoring to track growth.

  • Written reports: Use for future reference or to share with your child's school.

  • Coaching session: We provide you with the information you want to know.

  • (Optional) Dyslexia screening: Determine risk for dyslexia. 

  • (Optional) Dyslexia report: A full report of corroborating dyslexia characteristics data.

*Webcam, voice call, and e-mail options for 3 main assessment periods. 

Learning Support

  • Yearlong support: Affordable and on-going support from August to July. 

  • Printed lessons: Receive a printed copy of the reading lessons. 

  • Standard Learning Support Plan: A formal learning support plan to accelerate learning growth. 

  • Guaranteed 2 years growth: We establish a minimum growth rate for learning support plans. 

  • Online training: We offer the most affordable support because we provide you with the training to teach the reading lessons at home. 

  • Priority e-mail support and feedback: Receive on-going support and feedback by e-mail (daily).

  • Voice call support and feedback: Receive on-going support and feedback by phone (Tuesday and Thursday).

  • Online classes, webinars, and forum: Access additional offerings to help you provide the best support. 

  • (Optional) Alternative font: An alternative font (OpenDyslexic) is used for printed reading lessons. 

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